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Hypecycle: Bike the Banksys

Banksy's take on Milton Glaser's iconic NYC logo.

As anonymous British graffiti artist Banksy's October residency has drawn to a close, the hype surrounding his work has reached a fever pitch. In a recent turn of events fitting of the reflexive irony of much of his work, bike advocacy group Right of Way poignantly co-opted one of his most iconic images — the masked protestor hurling a bouquet of flowers — only to have their work mysteriously vanish the following day, a similar fate faced by many of the real Banksy works.

Right of Way's "Cranksy"

Right of Way's vanished "Cranksy" | Image c/o Right of Way

Whether you've got Banksy fever, or you're sick of it in a different way, one thing's certain: the remaining pieces likely won't last long, as plunderers look to nab a piece of the very lucrative action, and an equally determined group of territorial taggers vie to deface the unwelcomed work on their turf. 

Banksy's art spans a wide swath of NYC, covering four of the five boroughs, most densely concentrated in Lower and Midtown Manhattan. While it would take all day to cover by train or on foot, you can see a good chunk of this work in a relatively quick period of time by bike. Here's your bike-friendly Banksy guide — Citi Bike stations included — make haste and ride the urban art gallery!       

Note: existence of this art is suject to change and (difficult to verify)! The date each work was created has been listed in parantheses next to its location. Have status updates? Add yours in the comments section below. 

[Map and locations c/o The Village Voice; Images c/o]

Banksy Twin Towers in Tribeca.

Tribeca: Jay St. and Staple St. (October 14th) | nearest Citi Bike station: Harrison St. & Hudson St.

Banksy in Chinatown.

Chinatown: 18 Allen St. (October 1st) | nearest Citi Bike station: Pike St. & E. Broadway

Bansky in the East Village.

East Village: Cooper Square and E. 7th St. (October 12th) | nearest Citi Bike station: Shevchenko Pl. & E. 6th St.

Banksy in Chelsea.

Chelsea: 6th Avenue and W. 24th St. (October 3rd) | nearest Citi Bike station: 6th Avenue and W. 25th St.

Banksy in Chelsea II.

Chelsea: 11th Avenue and W. 25th St. (October 2nd) | nearest Citi Bike station: 11th Avenue and W. 27th St.

Banksy in Hell's Kitchen.

Hell's Kitchen: 641 W. 51st St. (October 24th) | nearest Citi Bike station: W. 52nd St. and 11th Avenue

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