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Thirteen Halloween Bike Costumes

T. Rex biker.

Get in the spirit with some spooky (and not so spooky) cycle costumes! Check out BikeNYC's event calendar for opportunities to show off your own tricked-out Halloween ride. 




Fry guy hits the slopes.

Fry guy hits the slopes 

Pee Wee bike.

Honoring the classics: Pee Wee bike costume

The meta E.T. bike costume.

The meta E.T. bike costume

Angler Fish bike.

Anglerfish Bike: DIY Edition

Anglerfish bikes in Sydney

Anglerfish Bike: Pro Edition

Steeplechase bike.

Steeple chase cyclist

Unicorn bike.

The mythical unicorn bike

Flying elephant.

Flying elephant

Canine cycle.

Doggie duplicates


Muppets on wheels

Nightmare before Christmas?

Nightmare before Christmas

Car bike.

Car/bike chimera

(Source: Pinterest Halloween n' Bikes + Google Images) 

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