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T.A. Brooklyn Tour de Las Bicicletas

T.A. Brooklyn Tour de Las Bicicletas

Saturday, August 23, 2014 - 11am

Last month, NYC got 122 new the form of sculptures, designed by renowned Mexican artist Gilberto Aceves Navarro. Though he is now an elderly man, he speaks about biking with great love and describes how they make him feel young. Read the links below for more details about the cool DOT art and join me for a group ride to hit all the spots. The artist's son will likely be on hand to join us too!

START: 11am at Bartel Pritchard

We'll start at the ones by the south end of Prospect Park, loop up to the few ones in Manhattan, then swing back to hit the ones in BK running from Dumbo, down to red Hook... and probably end it with some great food vendors by the Red Hook ballfields. 
It's a short and simple ride & we'll take our time so consider it fully family friendly. Who's with me!?

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11AM meet at the sculptures by Bartel Pritchard Square, southern end of Prospect Park... PPW & 15th street

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use a bike!



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Paco Abraham