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Redbeard Bikes Sunday Ride

Sun, August 28,
7:45am to 2pm

Every Sunday morning (unless otherwise noted) we ride up the West Side, over the George Washington Bridge, and into Jersey...where the fun hills begin!

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T.A. Bronx Activist Committee Social Rides

Sun, August 28, 10am

Join the T.A. Bronx Activist Committee, as we ride along some of our beautiful Bronx shoreline, greenway and parks on the last Sunday of each month.

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Sun, August 28, 11:30am

It's gonna be like summertime so let's go to the beach!

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Time's Up Volunteer Bicycle Recycling Days

Sun, August 28,
5pm to 8pm

Help Time's Up! get more New Yorkers on bikes while honing your bike repair skills.

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Brooklyn: Fix Your Own Bike Workshop

Sun, August 28,
5:30pm to 8:30pm

Open shop--you use our tools and stands to work on your bike. Experienced mechanics will be present to answer questions, but you do the work. Bike workshops are free, but we strongly encourage you to make a donation or become a Time's Up! member

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Time's Up Brooklyn Bike Workshop

Sun, August 28, 6:00pm to Sun, July 14, 8:00pm

Want to learn how to fix your bike? Come on down to one of Time's Up!'s free workshops!

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Take A Bike Out Of Obesity

Mon, August 29, 12:15pm

Mid-day bike club

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Bike Repair Class Manhattan

Mon, August 29,
6:30pm to 7:30pm

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