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Q: I heard something about bike share coming to New York. Is that true!?

A: It's true. New Yorkers will be getting the country's largest public bike share program this summer. NYC Bike Share will be 10,000 public bicycles, located at 600 self-service docking stations around the city. Check out Transportation Alternatives' handy bike share FAQ for all the fun facts about this lean, green new transit choice headed our way.

If you'd like to stay up to date on bike share breaking news, sign up as a New Yorker for Bicycling and you will get added to Transportation Alternatives' bike share alert list.

Q: I would like to find someone who could give me and individual lesson. Is there someone you could recommend?

A: You are never too old to learn to ride and there are some great options for lessons in NYC. One suggestion would be to take a group class through Bike New York. You can find their class schedule online. After you've taken the learn to ride class, you can also take a commuting 101 class to prefect your city riding skills. Another great option is to get individual coaching from City Bike Coach.

Q: I got a red light ticket today for $270!! There must be a mistake, right?

A: Actually, no. In NYC, bicyclists have the same traffic rules (and rights) as motorists, and are therefore subject to the same penalties. The fee scheme for running a red light on a bike is the same as for a driver, with the exception that bicyclists do not have to pay the surcharge. Bicyclists will not get points on their driver’s license either, if they happen to have one.

Intersections are where the most serious and fatal crashes occur for all New Yorkers, and that is why the predictability of traffic signals are so important. Transportation Alternatives is working hard to win pilots of a "green wave" along popular bike routes. "Green waves" mean that traffic signals are timed to the average bike speed, rather than to the speed of drivers, which can alleviate much of the trouble around traffic signals for cyclists and foster a safer travel speed for everyone.