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Five Best Folding Bikes

Compact Cycles for Every Budget

Folding bike roundup and review.

For those of us living in shoebox-sized city apartments, bike storage can pose a real problem. That dilemma is, in part, the reason why folding bikes were invented.

These incredible little two-wheelers offer all the perks of a full-sized bicycle but in a much smaller package. Plus, they're perfect for travelers and commuters who can't transport and store a full-sized bike when on-the-go. (In New York, the LIRR, Metro North and Amtrak trains permit folding bikes at all times, but often forbid traditional two-wheelers.) 

But choosing the right folding bicycle for your lifestyle can be a real time suck. That’s why we’ve put together this list of our favorite folding bikes for every price range.

Above image © Brompton Bicycles.

Schwinn Loop 7-Speed ($250)

The Schwinn is the cheapest folding bicycle on our list by quite a bit, but it’s also well-loved. It’s heavier and less compact than other bicycles on the list, but if you just want something that will fold up for easy storage in your apartment, this might be the bike for you. The Schwinn features seven speeds, front and rear fenders and a rack. 

Schwinn Loop 7-Speed folding bike.

Dahon Speed D7 ($499)

At $499, the D7 is a great value commuter bicycle. The 7-speed features a rear rack and front and rear fenders to keep rain and grime from getting on your dress clothes. Plus, on its 20” wheels the Speed can go pretty quick! 

Dahon Speed D7 folding bike

Tern Joe P24 ($900)

Tern’s Joe P24 (aka the “Urban Warrior”) is a top seller, and for good reason. This bike doesn’t have the tiny wheels that most folders do, so it rides like a traditional bicycle. It’s easier to get going on than its smaller folding bike siblings, but still collapses to half its size. Plus the disc brakes are ideal in NYC; you can stop on a dime in rain or shine. 

Tern Joe P24 Urban Warrior.

Brompton M3-L ($1329)

Brompton is arguably the most trusted brand in the folding bike space. Their bikes are hand-made in London, and the M3-L doesn’t disappoint. This 3-speed is low maintenance, reliable, stylish and can be folded up in as little as ten seconds. At over $1300, the Brompton isn’t cheap, but you’re paying for a brand known for reliability and customer support. At 23 pounds, the Brompton is also the lightest and most compact model on our list. 

Brompton M3L folding bike.

Strida Evo 3-Speed ($1500)

What it lacks in charm — the manufacturer claims it's the only folder that won't make you resemble a "granola type" — Strida's Evo 3-speed makes up for in smarts. The most expensive folding bike on our list, the Strida Evo uses integrated magnets to quickly collapse into an upright form for easy transport, features disc brakes for all-weather stopping power, an integrated 3-speed shifting system and a belt-drive for clean, low-maintenance riding. 

Strida Evo folding bike.

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